Registration (FAQ)



Payment Plan
Can I Pay by Credit Card?
Can I Pay by Bank Trasfer (EFT,etc.)
Can I Buy Multiple Tickets?
How Do I Sign up for A Different Participant or Invitee with My Other Tickets?
The reference codes defined for the other tickets you receive will be forwarded to you. With these reference codes, inviters will be able to benefit from the services defined according to your membership plan, which you have defined in your ticketing process, with the ‘’Activate Reference Code’’ option, which identifies the initial preliminary membership transactions to our system and can be seen in their profiles when logged in.
Can I Refund the Ticket I Purchase If I want to Cancel?
No. By entering our system, the ticket is not refunded in order to minimize any changes in the decision regarding participation in the protection of the synergy of the different interactions involved in the other participants.
Can I Use the Ticket I Purchase for Any Event?
No. You need to select a separate ticket membership plan for each event

Event Day

How Should I Prepare Before The Event Day?
By making a preparation about the event schedule and other participants, you might have efficients and effective results through our serrvices
When Should I Be in Networking Area in The Event Day?
You are expected to be ready 10 minutes before our networking area in the Venue. Depending on the necessary accreditation procedures at the outer door, participants are advised to arrive at Venue area 45 minutes before the starting point of networking schedule.
What Do I Need to Have During The Event Day?
Please remember to bring your business cards (40-50 pieces) as many acquaintances will be held.

Reference Code?

What Is The Reference Code?
With the Reference Code, you can benefit from the services of the membership plan defined for that code. Participants might logging into our system with refernce code and do not need to complete any payment procedure.
How Can I Activate The Reference Code?
If you are logging in for the first time or have not yet joined any activity, you can activate your reference code via the 'Activate Reference Code' option after logging into the user panel. You can also participate in the activity defined in the reference code with the membership plan defined in the reference code.


Event Cancellation?
If the event is canceled for any reason, the service fee paid by the participant will be refunded to him / her.
What Is Open Networking?
It is a networking event that everyone can join.
What Is Closed Networking?
It is a networking evenet only accepting a limited number of people.