FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



‘’90 SECONDS NETWORKINN’’ is an accelerated networking application that allows participants to meet each other in 90 seconds with fast interaction. Its accelerator function provides an initial meeting opportunity with a large number of participants on an average one hour session.
How Can I Participate?
You can choose the event you want to participate by reviewing the Premium or VIP membership plans and by selecting the option you will join with the activation of your membership via the ''90 SECOND NETWORKINN' 'option in your profile.
How Does It Work?
You can see the day and time session you want to attend, and who the other participants are in the list. With the help of the moderator, each participant in two mutually opposite rows, with a time period of 90 seconds, quickly makes the first introduction with the other participants and then switches to the next participant.
How Many Attendees Participate in Sessions?
90 SECONDS Networking group consists of 50-60 participants
How Many Participants Can I Meet?
Depending on the total number of participants you can meet about 25-30 people.
How Long Do Sessions Last?
It takes about 60 minutes depending on the total number of participants.
How should I be in the networking area with the preparation day of the activity day?
You need to be in the networking area 10 minutes before the session time of the event day. You need to have a large number of business cards (40-50 pieces). Business cards are exchanged for each meeting. You will be able to access the list of other attendees from the control panel where you will be joining the session, and having information about the participants beforehand will contribute to the efficiency and efficiency of the meetings.
90 SANİYE NETWORKINN Tüm Etkinliklerde Gerçekleşiyor mu?
Katılım göstermek istediğiniz etkinliğin, web sitemiz üzerindeki etkinlik detayları bölümünü inceleyerek, o etkinlik içinde ‘’90 SANİYE NETWORKINN’’ uygulaması olup olmadığını öğrenebilirsiniz.


How Can I Participate in NETWORKINN Dinner?
NETWORKINN DINNER program is a service provided to participants registered in our VIP membership system. It takes place in the evening of the event members want to attend.
Can Everyone Participate in The NETWORKINN Dinner?
Participation in NETWORKINN dinner is limited and it is only available to our members who want to participate through our VIP membership service.


Online Reservation System is a networking application where participants can perform one-to-one meeting with customized desk-time sessions within the networking area. Our members can send and receive invitations via their profile pages, reserving the table and time they want by interacting with other participants who want to make one-to-one conversation with online booking.
How Can I Participate?
By activating your membership (Premium or VIP membership plans), you can create your reservations by accessing the table-timeline via the '' ONLINE RESERVATION ONE-TO-ONE MEETING'' option in your profile
How Does It Work?
You should activate your membership by choosing the event you want to participate, reviewing the Premium and VIP membership plans. You can reserve your desk for the time slot you desire in the Desk-Timeline via the '' ONLINE RESERVATION ONE-TO-ONE MEETING" option in your profile. You can send an invitation to a participant who you want to invite to a meeting, and you can receive invitations from other participants. Information about invitations that you have sent or received will be sent to your e-mail address and and will be updated in the section within your member profile. Using messaging box via our online system, participants will be able to interact with the people they will meet, and participate more readily on the day of the event.
How Many Sessions Can I Have With Sending Reservation Invitation
By reserving, the number of sessions that can be done by sending an invitation varies between 3 and 10. You can reach the information about the maximum number of sessions with sending invitation by reviewing the information of the event you want to attend.
How Many Session Invitations Can I Get From Other Participants?
There is no limit to the number of sessions you can receive.
How Long Do One-to-one Meeting Sessions Last?
Each ‘’one-to-one meeting’’ takes 15 minutes. The Table-Time chart is divided into 20-minute slices. The 5-minute slice after 15 minutes is the interim time slot and is the reserved time for the next participants' preparation for one-to-one meeting.
Can I Change the Desk and Time I Have Booked?
Yes. If the table you have reserved is not approved by any of the other participant, you can change the time and table space of your empty reservation desk with another suitable table time slot on the chart.
Does Online Reservation System Have a Messaging Section?
Yes. Within the system, the messaging session can be used by those who have been confirmed to have one-to-one meeting.


What Are Membership Plans?
The membership plans of NETWORKINN are divided into four groups. (I) Freemium (ii) Standard (iii) Premium (iv) VIP membership schemes. Details of each membership plan can be found in our homepage. You can reach the latest updated infos of the each membeship plan of specific events you want to attend throught the event page in our website.
How Does The Membership System Work?
The membership system enables you to log in to our system by completing your pre-membership within the event you want to participate through our website. You are a member of Freemium, which provides free service by completing your first entry, and you will be informed about our events during the year. By selecting one of the ‘’Standard’’, ‘’Premium’’ or ‘’VIP’’ membership plans that you will see on your profile page with your pre-membership process, you will be able to participate in our NETWORKIN events, including '90 SECONDS NETWORKINN', '' ONE-TO-ONE MEETING '', '’NETWORKINN DINNER’’ and ‘'Participation in Event Conferences'' services. During the event, the member will have the opportunity for spontaneous meetings within our networking area, or gathering their own network to our networking area.
Can I Upgrade My Membership Plan Later?
It is possible, within your profile page, to upgrade your membership plan for that event, with a limitation depending on the maximum number of participants covered by the services for which the membership plan you are into upgrading.